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Joint Programming involves Member States engaging voluntarily in the definition, development and implementation of common strategic research agendas. It may involve strategic collaboration between existing national programmes or jointly planning and setting up entirely new ones. In both cases, it entails putting resources together, selecting or developing the most appropriate instrument(s), implementing, and collectively monitoring and reviewing progress. It aims to increase and improve the cross-border collaboration, coordination and integration of Member States’ publicly funded research programmes in a limited number of strategic areas, and thus to help Europe boost the efficiency of its public research funding so as to better address major societal challenges.

The concept of joint programming was introduced by the European Commission in July 2008 as one of the initiatives for implementing the ERA. The Council of the European Union welcomed the concept and the objectives of Joint Programming in its respective Conclusions adopted on 2 December 2008. To implement the concept, the Groupe de haut niveau pour la Programmation Conjointe (GPC) has been established. In its meeting on December 4, 2009 the GPC identified and substantiated the first wave of themes for Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs). In order to make joint programming operational the EC identified three steps:

  • Development of a common vision for the agreed area
  • Translate this vision into a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)
  • Implement the SRA: all participating public authorities orient their programmes and funding to contribute in a coherent manner to the implementation

These implementation steps are in the process of being set up by national authorities. The following topics have been identified for Joint Programming so far:

  • Agriculture, foood security and climate change
  • Health, food and prevention of diet-related diseases
  • Cultural heritage, climate change and security

Further information:

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European Commission (2008): TOWARDS JOINT PROGRAMMING IN RESEARCH (pdf file)

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